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I’ll be slowly updating this over the course of the campaign as I roll out new rules and information. For now, the most important thing is to set up some links to explain and provide options for the thing that makes The King is Dead different from most settings: secret societies.

Secret societies in TKiD serve much the same function as clans do in Vampire or Werewolf (among other games) or factions do in D&D 5e. Unlike those games, though, players in TKiD get to control how their secret societies advance. The secret society you choose will grow in influence and power alongside your charactrer, following the choices you make.

Secret Societies
The Bloodstained Blade
The Bluestocking Society
The Clan O’Naill
The Illuminated
The Knights of the Road

You are going to notice an odd discrepancy for about a week. The way TKiD models the growth and abilities of secret societies is by using a proxy character for them, statted out just like normal player characters. So far, I’ve only finished the SSPC for the Illuminated. I hope to have the others up before the first session.

You can contribute to this wiki, too. Feel free to add to it!

Main Page

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