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Secret Societies

All heroes in The King is Dead belong to one of the secret societies battling to reclaim freedom from the vampires. Each secret society bestows several benefits on its members. It is recommended that players read through the secret society listing before deciding on a character concept.

The societies available in this phase of the playtest are:
The Bloodstained Blade: a cult of holy warriors and exorcists.
The Bluestocking Society: a sorority of suffragettes and psychics.
The Clan O’Naill: an army of highlanders and mystics.
The Illuminated: a fraternity of politicians and magicians.
The Knights of the Road: a guild of thieves and highwaymen.

In the future, we will also work in:
• Ananzi’s Web: a society of abolitionists and spies.
• The Starlight Children: cosmically-irradiated mutants.
• The Wild Hunt: a league of frontiersmen and shamans.
• The Rosenkreutz: an order of alchemists and scientists.

Secret societies function in some ways as a second player character, as the players will choose how the societies grow and expand. Secret societies can be called upon to provide aid in non-combat situations (a member of the Illuminated might write to his fellows for aid in researching an arcane text, for example) and to lend a small number of allies on vampire-slaying expeditions (an O’Naill clansman might gather up some rowdy fellows at the pub).

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Secret Societies

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